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Wolt City Discoveries

Goal: Inspire people to explore the outdoors
with Wolt Food Delivery

Reward: Money
Posts: 43
Reach: 237 611
Likes: 26 583
CPE: 0,13€ cost per engagement

Estonian 100th Anniversary
Hike Series

Goal: Promote the hike series organized for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

Reward: Money
Reach: 61 068
Likes: 19 175

ACME Film “Annabelle Comes Home”

Goal: Raise the awareness and generate word of mouth
of the new movie called “Annabelle Comes Home”

Reward: money
Posts: 12
Reach: 46 846
Likes: 11 654
CPE: 0,06€

Sutu Bamboo Straws

Goal: Raise awareness of the Sutu brand
and its bamboo straws

Reward: product (box of straws)
Posts: 95
Reach: 260 307
Likes: 38 338
CPE: 0,02€ New Year’s campaign

Goal: Reach the Russian-speaking target group in Estonia and increase the online sales

Reward: money + gift card
Reach: 35 454
Likes: 3301
CPE: 0,07€

Halva’s Kingis Product Launch

Goal: Engage influencers to get additional visibility for Halva’s new product launch

Reward: Product (box of candies)
Posts: 99
Reach: 389 845
Likes: 28 826
CPE: 0,02€