So, how does Promoty work?

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in our purchase behavior: more than 70% of people claim that they do their research on social media before making the purchase decision. 92% of people claim that they trust their friends’ recommendations rather than commercials.  That’s the reason we created Promoty.

Let’s take an example: if you’d like 100 women in age 20-24 to share your product or service on their Instagram feeds, there is no need to search for their contacts, negotiate conditions and make payments one-by-one. Instead, you can find the most suitable influencers for your brand via Promoty – it’s free of charge and takes about 4 minutes to set up the campaign.

In brief, the process goes like that:

📜 The brand creates the campaign on Promoty;
💌 Content creators can apply to the campaign;
👉🏼 The brand selects the creators they want to work with;
📸 Selected creators upload their content to Promoty;
🖤 The brand will purchase the best content which will be posted on Instagram;
📈 The brand will see real-time statistics of every post and the campaign as a whole.

Still a little baffling? Let’s review the process step-by-step!

1. Click on the ➕ sign to create a brand

Start with creating a brand, clicking on the ➕ sign.  Besides the brand name, you can add the logo, website and a short description of the brand – that gives content creators some background info and helps them to decide whether they’d like to work with the brand.

To create a campaign,  select a brand that you are creating a campaign for and click on the Create Campaign button.

2. Create a campaign

After clicking on the Create Campaign button, the brand can choose between Money and Product campaign. It’s a simple choice: if you’d like to send content creators some products or let them try your services, choose the Product campaign. If you’d like to offer them monetary payment only, choose the Money campaign.

Product might include physical products, services or gift cards. The brand can also choose to offer content creators a monetary reward in addition to the product (so the content creators will get product+money). In the case of low-cost products, we recommend adding the monetary fee to engage content creators with more followers and higher fees.

Next, the brand can choose between the public and private campaign. In public campaigns, content creators can apply for the campaign, describing their idea for the campaign photo. In private campaigns, the brand can send the offer directly to the content creators they have previously worked with. If it’s one’s first campaign on Promoty, they should definitely go for the public campaign. 

 3. Add the campaign brief

When creating a campaign, the brand should add the campaign headline, background information (short overview of the brand and the campaign) and description of desired content.

► Campaign name: a headline that content creators see when scrolling campaigns.

► Campaign description: an overview of the brand, campaign and its goals.

 Caption: a one-sentence description of desired photo or post with mandatory hashtags. The less hashtags, the better 🙂 As marking sponsored content is mandatory on Instagram, #ad will be added automatically.

► Guidelines✔️DO’s and ❌DON’Ts for the content creators. Here the brand can specify what should be on the photo, which color scheme should be used etc. 

► Campaign duration: the starting and ending time of the campaign. The brand can also select the deadline for applications – we strongly suggest to set it at least a week before the campaign end date. The brand can also specify how many days should the content creator keep the post on the Instagram. By default, it’s 3 days but the brand can set it up to 30 days.

► Budget: the budget selected here is foremost a benchmark for the brand representative. The selected budget won’t create any financial liabilities – the brand will only pay for the content they decide to purchase.

4. Add products 🎁 (in product campaigns only)

When creating a product campaign, the next step is adding the products and the shipping info.

Product: Here you can add products and services that content creators will get as a reward. If possible, it’d be good to add both cheaper and more expensive products: in that case, the intelligent system of Promoty can match lower-price products with lower-price influencers and vice versa.

The brand can also choose if the content creator will get only a product as a reward or product and compensation. If the campaign includes lower-price products, we definitely recommend adding monetary compensation: this way, bigger influencers with the bigger following and the higher fee would also be motivated to apply for the campaign. 

When it comes to pricing, there is a difference in product-only and product-and-compensation campaigns. In campaigns that include the monetary fee, Promoty’s fee is included in the content creator’s price – no additional fees apply.   In campaigns that do not include monetary fees for content creators, Promoty will charge 10€+VAT per every purchased post (even for the really expensive content creators!).

Shipping: in case the campaign requires delivery to the content creator, the shipping icon 🚚 needs to be activated. In that case, all the accepted content creators are required to enter their phone number and choose the suitable package terminal location (Omniva or Smartpost). The brand will see all the content creators’ shipping info in Ready to ship! tab.

5. Select criteria for content creators

Content creators on Promoty can be filtered by…

1. Demographics: age, sex and location (city).
2. Social stats: number of Instagram followers, engagement rate, average number of likes and price of a post.
3. Interests to find content creators who are interested in certain subjects. If filtering by interests is not relevant, ignore interests should be selected.

The campaign offer will be sent only to those content creators who match all the criteria. When selecting the criteria, the brand can also see the number of content creators who match the criteria. We don’t recommend setting too narrow criteria – it’s better to send the offer to a bigger number of content creators to find the true fans of your brand. 🥰


If everything’s set up, click on the green Ready! button. On the next page, you can review the campaign details and confirm by clicking on the Start Campaign button. Promoty’s team will review all the campaigns and if everything’s good, the offers will be sent to the content creators. 🙌🏻

In case you don’t see the Ready! button, there must be some unfilled fields in the campaign setup – please review the campaign details and see if you have something missing.

Once the campaign is submitted, there is nothing more to do than wait for content creators to apply. Usually, it happens during 2-3 days.

6. Select the content creators you’d like to work with

If the brand opens the campaign, they can see three tabs: the general campaign statistics, an overview of content creators and submitted content. In case it’s a product campaign with delivery, there will also be a Ready to ship! tab.

Under content creators tab, the brand can see all the content creators who have applied to their campaign. Clicking on the profile photo of the content creator, the brand can see their last posts, Instagram statistics, their followers’ demographics, brands they have previously worked with and also their idea how would they introduce the brand on their social media.

For every content creator, the brand can decide if they’d give the content creator a green light to create a post (Accept), they wouldn’t like to work with the content creator (Refuse) or they’d like to give the content creator some feedback.

7. Select the posts you’d like to purchase

Once the content creator is accepted in the campaign, they will upload their content to Promoty. The brand will review the content and purchase the posts they like, paying with bank links, PayPal or invoice. Content creators whose posts are bought will be notified and can post their content to their Instagram feed.

The brand has no obligation to purchase any posts – if the submitted content doesn’t meet the brand’s expectations, the brand can reject the content or ask the content creator to incorporate changes.

In the preview mode, all the photos have Promoty’s watermark to protect the content creators’ rights. After the brand purchases the content, they are able to download the content in full size and without the watermark. The brand will have full rights to use the content on their social media. 

For content creators’ management, the brand can select Pipeline View from the upper right corner – it’s a view that places content creators in five columns:

  • applied content creators (applications);
  • accepted content creators who haven’t submitted the content (accepted);
  • contenct creators whose content is submitted to Promoty, but not purchased yet (submitted);
  • content creators whose content has been purchased, but not posted to Instagram yet (purhased);
  • content creators whose posts are posted on Instagram (posted).

8. Real-time campaign statistics

After the first posts are posted on Instagram, the brand can see the campaign statistics (reach, likes, comments) both of the whole campaign as well as of all the individual posts. Other important indicators are the cost per engagement and campaign interest which shows how many of the content creators who saw the campaign applied for the campaign.

For individual posts, the brand can also see the performance – an indicator that shows how does the campaign post perform comparing to the content creator’s other posts.  If performance is over 80%, we recommend continuing working with the same content creator in the future. 🙂

To help other brand representatives, the brand can also rate the submitted content. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Creating a campaign is free of charge – why not to try it?

The charm of public campaigns in Promoty is that among our 40 000+ local influencers, the brand can find the content creators who truly love the specific brand. Results: noticeably more authentic and thoughtful campaign posts.

Moreover, creating a campaign is 100% free of charge and no risks apply – in case any good content won’t be submitted, the campaign wouldn’t cost anything for a brand.

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